This midweek class by Leslie Konhaeuser is the first in a series about the lies of the the world versus the truth of God.

Kris Stowers and David Ross have a conversation about what it means to be a disciple, part of a team as well as David's journey of faith.

Mitchell Lavender teaches us this week about the importance of sharing our faith.

Kris Stowers teaches this Sunday sermon about the concept of Jesus being Lord of every part of our life. The question is posed, "How does God view my walk with Him?"

Proverbs 5

Jeremiah 3

Kris Stowers preaches this Sunday sermon about the new year and the opportunities that that presents. We have an opportunity to deny ourselves and pick up our cross daily.

Mitchell Lavender preaches this Sunday sermon about how when we find ourselves being hostile towards others it influences our ability to show love through hospitality.

Scripture Reference- Ephesians 2:11-22

Kris Stowers teaches this midweek lesson from Luke 2 about different accounts that discuss the impact of Jesus' birth.

Scripture Reference- Luke 2:8-20, 25-38

Kris Stowers preaches this week from Luke 1 about the humility behind Mary's role and commitment to God. 

Scripture references- Luke 1, Philippians 2:6, Matthew 15:8-9

Kevin Winship continues this midweek lesson on the concept of disciples eagerly awaiting Jesus' return.

Kevin Winship preaches this Sunday on the concept of Advent and the coming of Jesus.

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