Mitchel Lavender teaches us how to resist temptations that cravings from our past lives create. What tempts us to look back? When tempted, will we choose God's way out? Find out answers to these questions and more by tuning into this week's episode.

Mitchell Lavender preaches on being unashamed of the gospel in regards to living it and sharing it with others. Tune in to this episode to learn about how to put wholehearted faith into action.

Kris Stowers teaches us about having a deep conviction to teach our children deliberately by our example in following Christ. Tune in to be encouraged!

This message is a powerful call to grow as a body of believers; away from unhealthy individuality and towards a proper foundation built on Christ.

A powerful message on the Cross of Christ to help us prepare our hearts during this Lent Season unto Ressurection Sunday!

Maturity is something that we all want, and it takes being deliberate and honest with ourselves. In this class, we get a very practical approach to growing in our personal maturity! Tune in if you want to grow!

A powerful lesson on growing from worldliness to spirituality, whatever we do as a body, we do together.

We open up a much deeper conversation on the practicalities of keeping in step with the Holy Spirit. Tune in!

As we cruise through chapter 2 of Corinthians we are reminded of the absolutely miraculous gift we have in Christ. The mystery has been revealed.

We continue our journey through the first chapter of Corinthians, examining the problem of worldly wisdom. Tune in!

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